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A Juicy Guide On PG/VG Ratio and Nicotine Strength For Your E-Juice

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How do you choose which vape juice is best for you? With many available flavours in the vape market today, there’s no simple answer to that question. Everyone has their own preferences, but if you need some guidance on choosing what’s the best to suit your needs, then read on to learn about the ingredients and the right nicotine content that will maximise your vaping experience.

Choosing Your PG/VG

One of the most frequently asked questions is “What does ‘PG/VG ratio’ mean?” as they are always present in online vapor stores. We know it can be confusing, especially if you’re shopping for vape for the first time, so let us shed some light on the topic!

Most vapers have their own preferred PG/VG ratio—it’s different for everybody. However, most vapers buy e-Juices that are a 50/50 blend, which means half PG and half VG.

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are odourless liquids and serve as the base for e-juice which comes in varied ratios. There are quite a few differences between PG and VG. Here’s what you need to learn about PG and VG in vape juice:

Propylene Glycol in Vape Juice

PG, as a petroleum by-product, is commonly found in different items including medicines, shampoo, makeup, and more.

While some are hesitant of PG as it is petroleum-based, studies show that it’s safe for both oral and topical use. PG, as a thin substance, avoids the sticky accumulation on your vape device. Most vapers find that PG lets a more intense flavour and more nicotine buzz to come through. However, you won’t have as big of vapor clouds when you use set PG in higher ratios.

Vegetable Glycerin in Vape Juice

Vegetable glycerin is a derivative of vegetable oil and is commonly found in food, toothpaste, soap, and more. It is known as a safe substance and it has a high resistance to heat.

High VG e-juice is used for sub ohm vape mods to increase the power output and create more vapor or flavour. If you want big clouds of vapor, a sub ohm device and high VG e-liquid is a great way to create that effect.

VG is slightly sweet, so most candy-flavoured vape juice will have a good amount of VG in it.

Choosing Your Nicotine Content

E-juices comes in various nicotine levels. Most vape juice bottles are labeled with their respective nicotine levels, so it’s easy to find one that’ll match your needs and preferences.

Many people opt for vaping as they want to reduce their nicotine intake. However, some people experience withdrawal if they completely stop smoking. This is why vaping serves as a healthier option, as your nicotine intake is much controlled. You can start with an e-juice in higher nicotine level until you gradually decrease on the nicotine level for your e-juice. By doing this, you can avoid nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

In short, your own dependence on nicotine will determine the level for your e-juice. Many vapers also infuse herb on the vape juice to completely go nicotine-free. No matter what your preference may be, we offer the best vapor juice online for your needs!

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