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Are Pods The New Generation Of Vaping? – Read More And Find Out

New Vape Devices

In today’s age, pod systems are clearly based on the same principle as e-cigarettes with a few variations. They are designed in a way that is very simple to the user. 

To achieve this purpose, VAPE SAUDI has introduced cigalike principles that direct smoking to a new modern way or smoking. This is basically limited to a tiny size of a vape device which is simply splendid. Initially, there were vape devices which were extremely heavy and big in size. In order to improve the smoking experience, pods were introduced. Not only are they relatively smaller in size, but they also have a huge battery capacity.

When vape was introduced in the initial years, one of the biggest drawbacks was that people had to constantly keep charging their devices which was turning to be a both time-consuming and tiresome. Previously, the pods used to last only for a couple of hours. Hence pods were introduced with a battery capacity of 300mAh or more. This can be called a more realistic way of smoking which can be used for a long period. You no longer to have charge your pods, instead, you could use the time in smoking and relaxing.

There were a few changes done in the atomiser to improve the performance and battery life of the  vape device . On the other hand, cartos works well, however, they are only limited to a liquid capacity and they won’t be able to handle the complete power. Unfortunately, today, pod systems are a very small segment of the e-cigarette market, but don’t you think it is time to switch to vaping that have this new update?

One of the most common and  exclusive vape devices include the Vype ePen. This can be called the second-generation update of vaping which attempts to revolutionize the conventional look of the vape device. This is a conical device that comes with six diverse flavors and a strength range from 0-18mg / ml. Each one holds 2 ml of liquid and they are most self-sealing. This means you can take out partly and add another flavor to enjoy vaping to the fullest.

The ePen does not have an auto-switch operation, instead, has a fire button and two voltage settings which is a lot like a conventional e-cig. It has a long battery life with 650mAh which will certainly last for 6-7 hours of continuous smoking. For charging, a micro USB-cable will be provided which is very easy to use and maintain.

How about give a try to ePens?


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