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Can You Get Secondhand Smoke from Vaping?

It is not uncommon to see more people vaping nowadays since SAUDI finally legalized it. Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and many are using it to quit consuming traditional tobacco products. Non-smokers feel concerned about being around people who vape because they assume that the giant puff of “Smoke” will harm their lungs the way cigarette smoke does. Or you might be a vaper with children and worry about whether you should be vaping near them at all.

Vapes allow smokers to inhale nicotine without the tar and other harmful chemicals that are responsible for causing cancer. Manufacturers have been marketing vapes as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes, and it’s even helping people quit their toxic habit. There is no combustion or burning involved in vaping. The “Smoke” that others see is just vapour, and it is not filled with tar that can severely harm others. Since SAUDI has laws against vaping indoors in malls and other public places, most people do it at home or in their cars. It’s not harmful if you live with any pets and children if you have sufficient ventilation.

The large cloud of vapour that a person exhales is called second-hand smoke, but it is free of chemicals that cause cancer. Even if a non-smoker inhales vapour while standing next to a friend who vapes, their body will not be affected by it. The sweet-smelling cloud may remind people of shisha pipes, but vapes are much less harmful, and you can comfortably sit with other vapers and not feel suffocated. When a person is smoking a traditional cigarette, the smoke drifts from the end of their lit stick, even if they are just holding it and not inhaling. That smoke blows in the direction of the person sitting next to them, and the second-hand smoke could then affect their health. Vapes, on the other hand, do not continuously burn the way cigarettes do. They do release some nicotine in the air, but it is significantly less than the amount present in cigarette smoke.

Vaping is not a hundred percent safe and can cause coughing, wheezing, respiratory infections, asthma, or allergies. The vapour released from e-cigarettes does contain emissions that may lower the air quality in closed rooms. Even though the vapour is not harmful like cigarette smoke, it is still best to vape outdoors rather than in a family living room with the windows closed. If you still smell the vapour at home, using an air purifier can eliminate all remnants of it. There are high-quality purifiers that filter all pollutants and break them down to tiny molecules. People who frequently vape indoors should buy these purifiers if they are concerned about family and friends being affected by their second-hand smoke.

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