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How To Vape In a Public Place Without Being a Nuisance

Vape in public in SAUDI

There are some dos and don’ts when it comes to vaping in public. In today’s post, we shall be looking at a few tips you should keep in mind to avoid constituting a nuisance when vaping in public.

Do not Vape Anywhere You Find Yourself
A lot of vapers believe that since vaping is relatively safer than cigarette smoking, they can vape anywhere, anytime. The truth is, you can’t vape anywhere and you shouldn’t to avoid getting into legal problems.

In most parts of SAUDI, there are areas designated for smoking and vapers are expected to share the same spot with cigarette smokers. You can stay some inches away from smokers if you hate second-hand smoking.

If you find yourself in an environment that you are not familiar with, make sure you ask the security personnel on the ground about their vaping rules and whether you can vape anywhere around the premises.

Always Ask Questions
That brings us to the second point which asking questions. Remember the saying that goes “a man who asks questions remains a fool for five minutes. A man who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

If you are not sure if vaping is allowed on a premises, ask questions. If you are in a bar or club, make sure you ask the bartender if you are allowed to vape. If the answer is, ask for the appropriate place to vape safely. This will save you embarrassment that could occur by flouting an establishment’s law.

Do Not Blow Clouds At People
Second-hand smoking is detrimental to the health and passive vaping is entirely safe for non-vapers. Though there are conflicting opinions on the health effects of second-hand vaping, it is rude to blow your clouds at people.

So if you find yourself vaping around people, try to blow your cloud away from them. A good vaper knows that the best way to vape in public is to blow the clouds upwards or downwards to prevent the clouds from hitting passers-by.

If you want to avoid offending people with your lifestyle, never ever blow clouds at people in public.

Do Not Bore People With Talk About Vaping
Vaping is a lifestyle and like any other lifestyle, it is a personal choice. Non-vapers do not care about it and other vapers do not care about how beautiful or expensive your vaping set is. So avoid disturbing people around you with the cost of your vaping apparatus and how fantastic the feeling is. You can discuss in the company of other vaping enthusiasts but avoid bringing up the topic in front of non-vapers.

Secondly, it is fine to try talking a friend to quit smoking and take up vaping but never make smoking feel like a disgusting lifestyle. Remember that a vast majority of vapers were once smokers and you may fall into that category. Lastly, never try to talk a non-vaper into the lifestyle – vaping or not is an individual decision and you shouldn’t try to convert anyone.

These are the basic etiquettes that you should follow to avoid being rude when vaping in public. If you are vaping enthusiasts in SAUDI, you may want to try some of our e-juices and vaping accessories. We offer same day delivery and free delivery for all orders above ₺ 300.

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