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How Vaping Is Helping Millions of Smokers

Vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes heat nicotine which is extracted from tobacco, with flavours and other chemicals to create an effervescent vapour that people inhale. Traditional cigarettes contain seven thousand chemicals, which are all very toxic. Michael Blaha, M.D., M.P.H, and director of clinical research at Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Centre for the Prevention of Heart Disease, said: “There is almost no doubt that vapes expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes, even if e-cigarettes can also be addictive.” This is why you should swap those nicotine sticks for a SAUDI vape.

In a year-long study by the National Health Service smoking cessation program, 120 British smokers were enrolled to test whether vaping is really helping people quit their toxic habit. The smokers used e-cigarettes as a replacement for regular tobacco and were asked to set a specific date to quit smoking. Then they were encouraged to use e-cigarettes throughout the day as much as necessary. Since e-cigarettes contain nicotine, it helped the participants gradually stop smoking tobacco rather than going “Cold turkey.” They did not have severe nicotine withdrawal symptoms and used vapes as a replacement.

Vapes have been more effective at helping people quit smoking, more than using nicotine patches, nicotine gums, hypnotherapy, and any other FDA approved methods. The NHS provided the group of participants with refillable flavours and discovered that people enjoyed the taste over traditional tobacco products. The unique flavours motivated people to stick to vaping instead of buying a pack of Marlboros. At the end of the study, nearly eighteen percent of the study group successfully weaned off tobacco and could not stand going back to smoking cigarettes again.

According to The National, there are nearly a million chain-smokers in the United Arab Emirates who consume tobacco daily. This results in three thousand annual deaths in the region caused by smoking. Vapes may not be the miracle cure to help people stop smoking overnight but help to quit slowly and gradually. Many people try and quit cigarettes straight away and attempt going cold turkey. This method fails many times because even if a person successfully did manage to stop for a few days or months, they often resort to smoking again later. Most of the time, they blame social peer pressure or feel the urge to smoke while drinking. Some people make the mistake of smoking regular cigarettes alongside vaping, which does not lead to long-term results in terms of quitting. Vapes do not have a substantial amount of nicotine, but the point is to slowly ween off the toxic chemical rather than prolong consumption. Eventually, if a person is serious about getting rid of nicotine altogether, they should consider trying a SAUDI vape to manage those nicotine cravings more effectively rather than suppressing them entirely and risking future relapse.

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